How to assess the current and future value of NFT digital assets (Non Fungible Tokens) in this new digital marketplace.

Leveraging your advantage as an early adopter

11 min readJan 4, 2020

‘Mazel tov!’ A new digital asset class has been born… and is now starting to grow legs! And congratulations also to you! The fact you are reading this means you’re in on this at the ground floor. If we all play this out right, we have a rare opportunity to take advantage of our early adoption spoils before the next ‘early majority cohort’ inevitably start to catch on and arrive here in their droves.

If you have somehow landed here and don’t know what a Non Fungible Token (NFT) is, or haven’t been exposed to the trail blazing work that Enjin in particular is undertaking in this space, I highly recommend firstly looking at some brief background information using the following links:

o What is Enjin Coin? — Video

o Enjin — explained by Boxmining

o Enjin Website

Some agreed fundamentals that we first need to establish:

Note: For the purposes of keeping the terminology more user-friendly, from here on in I will use the term ‘digital asset’ instead of ‘NFT’ (notwithstanding this would usually refer to a broader grouping of assets).

Let me firstly throw down some important basic points that will underpin our following discussion about how we assess the value of digital assets in the marketplace.

a) Digital Age = Digital Assets

We are no longer just living in a physical age, but now also in a rapidly evolving digital one. In this new digital age, it stands to reason that it is no longer just physical assets that hold value, but also digital assets which will increasingly take a central role. This includes, but goes beyond, the concept of digital currencies.

b) Blockchain technology has activated the supply/demand economics for digital assets

Despite having ‘digital items’ for many years now, it is the unique attributes of blockchain technology that has ‘switched on’…




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