Owning and trading BTC (Counterparty) assests

1 min readAug 22, 2021

If you are seeking to purchase BTC/Counterparty digital assets like Rare Pepe or Spells of Genesis (that are not wrapped on OpenSea), you will need to download a compatible wallet.

The two most commonly used and recommended wallets are:

FreeWallet.io (BTC assets only)

If downloading on desktop, you will need to install despite Windows warning messages.


Casa Tookan Wallet (which can hold BTC and ETH assets)

Emblem Vault Wrapping for Open Sea

BTC assets can be traded on OpenSea using a wrapping service from Emblem Vault.

If purchasing an asset using an Emblem Vault, please make sure you check all the wallet links provided to ensure the asset is in fact in the vault as described.

Information regarding Emblem Vault wrapping for OpenSea can be found here: https://emblem.finance/featured

A wrapping guide is provided here: https://desktopcommando.medium.com/trading-xcp-nfts-on-ethereum-matic-networks-87a89101fd58

Or a video explainer here: https://twitter.com/CryptoLion87/status/1339476331474640896?s=20

Need help? This discord channel can assist https://discord.gg/uMXp8szvhr


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