The origin assets of the digital antiquities market (NFTs)

43 min readAug 23, 2021
The timeline for the Origin Digital Antiquities Market (NFTs)

Chart updated 1 June 2022 (for a higher res version of timeline click here)

Note 1: An early innovative arts project called Bitchcoin was missed in the recent update and will be added shortly.

Note 2: The chart has been updated, but the text in the article has not as of yet. Therefore the article content and reference numbers do not align with the chart. Updates to the article will be added shortly.

NFTs — A new world changing asset class

I have compiled this information to help people understand the origin projects out of which the NFT movement has emerged.

I apologise in advance for the length of this article. It is intended as a useful reference document rather than a leisurely read.

I contend that we are living in a unique emergence period of a new asset class that will radically disrupt many elements of the way our society operates and how we live. Given this, I believe great value will be attributed to the very earliest of these assets and innovative projects that have pioneered this new paradigm. We have already seen this dynamic start to play out. However, there remain some largely unknown and undervalued digital relics that this article will provide some information about.




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