Vintage Digital Assets (NFTs) still largely undiscovered…temporarily.

5 min readJun 15, 2021

There is a short window of time for investers looking to purchase history-making digital assets (pre-cryptopunks) that have laid the foundation for the NFT revolution.

To date, Cryptopunks have been considered the pinicle of NFTs and a blue-chip investment in this space. However the problem for most people is that they have discovered the significance of these assets too late and the cryptopunks are already out of reach for the average investor. So are there any other digital assets left that might see similar sorts of increases in the future?

The answer to that right now is ‘yes’. You can apply the NFT value assessment framework provided here to make this assessment for your self.

There remain some ‘gold standard’ NFTs / vintage digital assets that the market at large has not yet fully discovered and has not yet priced out of reach.

Specifically, Cryptopunks’ high value is primarily derived from:

1. Having major historical significance as a ‘first’ in the scarce digital asset space.

2. Leading the early innovation and technological breakthroughs that have laid the foundation for this whole new asset class that will proliferate our society.

3. Being highly exposed/known to this new market. The market understands their significance and can get easy access to trade them.

However, unbeknowns to most, there are two other key projects/digital asset sets that are actually superior to Cryptopunks in each domain above except for №3 (ie. they are still largely undiscovered by the market and difficult to find.)

Those assets are: Spells of Genesis (2015) and RarePepes (2016).

SATOSHICARD (Spells of Genesis, 2015) and the Nakamoto RAREPEPE (RarePepes, 2016)

Most of the market do not yet know that the very first NFTs and scarce digital assets (such as these two sets) were actually tokenised to Bitcoin well before this activity was taking place on Ethereum (and in the case of Spells of Genesis — even before Ethereum was birthed).

What does this mean…?

It means that there are the very earliest of ALL digital assets in the marketplace right now which pre-date cryptopunks, but (at the time of writing) can still be purchased…


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